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15 November 2011 @ 04:15 pm
I finally got around to posting my 003 (DRRR!!) iconset over at loveviolently. (^o^)/ It took me a while, but I finally got around to it - my first posted set of anime/manga icons. (laugh) It's not as easy, doing those, honestly. It's something about taking something someone drew and making it into an icon. I always get the desire to try and fit the whole picture into the icon, which is of course not a good idea for the most part. Plus, it's not like dealing with high-res photos; most of the time, fanart is kinda flat looking and not really as dimensional, color-wise. So it makes things a little different.

Also, in other news, my friend meteora has asked me to join/co-create for her own graphics community lovedemons. She makes pretty cool stuff (when she takes time out of her busy schedule to do it) and I'm happy to join. (^o^)/ I don't know how many people read my entries but, if you get a chance, join/watch that community - and keep your eyes peeled for cool stuff from either of us.

Other than that: there's a tie-breaker vote to be had at jrock20in20, considering the Round Two icons came up with quite a few votes that were pretty close, I guess. So! If you haven't voted, please go do that (and I mean that for anyone who sees this post). You can see all the links to the main voting posts here: ( x ) And additionally, the tie-breaker post is here: ( x )

Check them out! (^o^)/
And vote for the ones you like best.
06 November 2011 @ 02:49 pm
So~ the voting posts for jrock20in20 are up now, for all three categories. (^0^)/ Voting's open to everyone, so I think anyone who likes icons should go take a shot and vote for their favorites. I plan to spam links to these on twitter, to that effect, hopefully. (laugh) Please, everyone - don't just vote for mine because you think that'll make me happy. Vote for the ones you like best! I'll never know the difference anyway, I'm sure.

Anyway! Read the instructions carefully; for the first voting category, you have to choose three icons for every theme (i.e., faceless, big-text, etc.) but for the second and third category, you choose which three iconsets (which are in groups of five) you like best. So pay attention!

The links are here:
- jrock20in20 | Round Two: Theme Category Voting
- jrock20in20 | Round Two: Special Challenge Category Voting
- jrock20in20 | Round Two: Artist's Choice Category Voting
31 October 2011 @ 01:24 pm
So, I've officially completed my entry for round two of the jrock20in20 challenge. (^0^)/ I entered with Aki (of SID) and finished twenty icons that I'm actually pretty happy with, I think. I know it's not really a big deal, but this is actually the first real icon challenge of this kind that I've ever participated in, even if I've been posting graphics for a while now. Even better, a lot of the participants (and even the mod) are really respected makers of graphics, which makes me a little giddy. Participating with celebrities, I am. (laugh) How am I supposed to match up?

In a way, a bunch of the icons I made became my favorites of the bunch; it really didn't help that certain icons also got made and re-made a bunch of times, courtesy of my Aki muse, who refused to share any of the ones he wanted to steal exclusively for himself. (sigh) Spoiled muse is spoiled, but I love him, so...

And, as with the other sets of icons I've made recently, I added one of my favorites to the userpic collection fro this account. The choice this time around was my entry from 'Bright', which I'm actually using now. (^o^)/ I really liked it. This, and 'Dream' and a few others. But, I really feel like I have to gush about this set just a little, and explain myself. Seriously. I never really dig doing text in my icons - mostly because it always seems really tacky and ill-suited to the picture. But for some reason, this time around, I really dug some of the things I was wanting to put on the icons. One or two came from Lady Gaga's Monster, which was my earbug for the weekend. One was half inspired by Hollywood Undead's City, which is also a really good song. And then some were just, there, not from any place in particular. And they worked out really well. (Plus, since Akimuse isn't actually a huge fan of textures or text, it helped me keep him from gobbling up every icon I made. Success~!) The mod even gave me a little compliment on it and I'm just (^o^) because she's a pretty awesome graphics maker and if she says they were creative, I can't help but be a little blushy.

Well~ anyway. Yes. There you go.

Icons. Yeay~
13 October 2011 @ 04:33 am
Just in my random web-surfing today, I came across this site with a few different Photoshop tutorials. (^0^)/ And while I'm not really a huge fan of tutorials (which is to say, I find them really cool, but I don't really use them) I came across two different tutorials that I thought would be cool to try. One of them is really intensive and fun looking, involving one of those surreal-image type things, this time putting a complete oceanscape in a glass bottle. It's pretty fucking awesome. (^0^)/ I may give it a try, in a day or two. Maybe. Gods and Fates forbidding anything sad or tragic should come up in the process.

The other tutorial is something about putting together a sophisticated glowing-text effect. Unfortunately, being that the person who makes those tutorials is a professional graphic artist and actually has CS5, I found myself trying to do as he did - without a Pen Tool, in PS Elements 6. Naturally, it's a little annoying not to have the Pen Tool, but I like to try and make do, PS-wise, when it comes to things like this. So, using my tablet and the Brush Tool, I just free-handed it. The rest I sort of toyed around with on my own too. And~ doing that, I created a profile banner for loveviolently. It is now sitting pretty on the profile page of the comm, as of tonight.

(^0^)/ I like it. ♥
10 October 2011 @ 04:12 am
So! I got the official nod of approval from my two closest (most impartial and hard-to-please) critics. (^0^)/ And they liked iconsets 001 & 002. This pleases me, ridiculously. One is notoriously hard to please and the other is a finicky heathen who makes icons too, so - their opinions mean a lot to me, when I make things.

But, anyway. (laugh) I'm sporting a new icon, for this post. It's DRRR (Durarara!!) related, representing my half-finished, upcoming iconset 003. I've decided for the first few iconsets I make, I'm going to pick one favorite icon out of the group and add it to my userpics. (^0^)/ Until I get to fifteen. Then I'll have to think of something else to do with the icons.

Oh! And before I forget. I joined jrock20in20, for Round Two - claiming with Aki (SID) icons. (^0^)/ Woot. Now I just have to churn out twenty of them, according to themes, in the next twenty days. Gods and Fates forbidding any sadness or tragedy, I should be fine with that. I've already started, actually - as soon as the themes went up! (^0^)/ I've made three, I think. Maybe four. Not sure. More to come though! Hopefully.

And ------ that's the end of this entry. (laugh)

09 October 2011 @ 12:16 am
I completed my first two iconsets (which is what I'm calling sets of icons with a shared theme) and posted them at loveviolently. I called them "Bruises & Bitemarks" and "Hipster". (laugh) The pictures are all taken from tumblr, so I'm not entirely sure who the photographers or original artists are, but - they're really pretty pictures, so if the originators do happen to be around and want to speak up, I'd be happy to give them originators-credits. But for now, I'm just really kinda pleased that the icons came out so nice.

I mean, they're not super polished or full of textures; mostly, I'm a fan of colors, with highlighting and shadowing in the pictures. And they're kinda cute. Especially this particular icon, which I'm using now and calling "Hipster Cat". (laugh) It's awesomely adorable.

Anyway, if anyone sees this entry, go check out the icons! (^0^)/
08 October 2011 @ 05:48 am
To really kick off loveviolently, I kinda want to make icons. Particularly (in keeping with the theme/mood/inspiration for the community's name) I want to make a set of icons called "Bruises & Bitemarks". The phrase is from a song of the same name, by Good with Grenades. (^0^)/ The fangirl in me really loves that song, but that's a whole different story.

In any case, I want to make the icons. (I've already started making ten, actually.) But it's nearly six in the morning here and I'm supposed to be/due to be up in five hours for chores, so... It will have to wait until tomorrow, forbidding any sadness or tragedy. Ah well. Mostly I scoured Tumblr for pictures; I'm not really sure how one credits pictures from tumblr, actually. I mean, understandably, if they're attached to a flickr, or link back to the photographer, sure. But one can't assume that the original poster is the photographer. So... I suppose a "with all due credit to the original photographers" disclaimer will have to be added somewhere in the posting entry. Naturally, if any of the photographers due come forward, I can mention them specifically by name, but honestly? What are the chances? (laugh) My comm is brand new and infantile, and this new journal is mostly unknown.

Anyway. Time for bed. Icons tomorrow, perhaps - if everything goes well.
15 September 2011 @ 10:21 pm
My first two layouts (or rather, first layout in two variations) were posted over at loveviolently, my new community for layouts and graphics. Ahh, well, it's probably a little ambitious of me, to make a whole community for that - even knowing that I'm not all that great with CSS. (facepalm) But the truth is, it was fun and it gave me something to do - and I accomplished it and turned out something I was pleased with. Cat-Nap is my first original layout work. All I've ever done in the past is make small modifications (or sometimes, larger ones) to other people's layouts, mostly for customization reasons, but I decided I wanted to give originals from scratch a try. Granted, it's probably not one-hundred percent perfect or as pretty and polished as other people's work, but... I like it. I'm using the first variation right now, so maybe that's an indication of how much I liked it. (^0^)/
10 September 2011 @ 03:59 am
→ this is a graphics journal & general moshposh of anything graphics/layout related.
for the actual graphics, please go check out my comm loveviolently.